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Create your online course

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Create your online course : yet, but how? That’s the whole purpose of this training-coaching session.

You want to create your online course, but you wonder :

  • isn’t this too technical for me?
  • I am not a computer scientist, is that a problem?
  • am I able to make a living from it?
  • am I really able to do it?
  • isn’t it too late to start?

If you answered “Yes” to one of these questions, this online course is made for you !

Create your online course: a several week training-coaching plan

Since 2016, we trained more than 14,000 people online… Our MOOCs (MOOC Dys and DIMPA) alone attracted around 12,000 participants, in 8 different languages. And their feedback was very positive.

For the first time, we propose this particular online course – Create your own online course in English. We trained about 600 online and hybrid course designers, so far. Be the next one!

During your training – and even after the training – you will be entirely supported in your project. Every week, you will engage in a virtual class led by your trainer and in online self-training on our Course Networking platform. You can log in whenever you want, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for as long as you want.

This course has been completely renewed: thus from now on, you can pursue and choose several options:

  • Create a 100% online course (e-learning)
  • Design a hybrid course (partly classroom-based and partly online)
  • Design a microlearning course
Create your online course with our training-coaching session
Join & create your first online course

Create your online course – Program

Week 1: My audience, my project and myself

During this week, you will define your project :

  • Who is your audience?
  • What is your general educational objective?
  • Who are you? What do you want?
  • Is everything – you, your audience and your project – “aligned“?
  • Will you really meet the needs of your audience?

In the first virtual class you will get to know :

  • the trainer
  • the other participants
  • the principles of Design Thinking

Then, you will have one week to train independently on our Course Networking platform and prepare your “Pitch”. Here, you will precisely define your project and audience, and how you intend to articulate the meeting between the two.

Week 2 : I sequence my training

In this second week, you will focus on the sequencing of your training:

  • how to propose assimilable stages to your future learners?
  • what type of pedagogical progression will you design for this learning path?
  • how to give coherence to your learning path?

In this second module, you will also learn “how your learners learn”. It sounds obvious, but it is misleading. This exploration, which will continue in the following week, prepares you for the scripting of your training.

This week, you can decide which option you want to choose for your first course:

  • e-learning: 100 % online using a LMS
  • hybrid: partly on site and partly online
  • microlearning: short and targeted pedagogical sessions sent mostly through smartphone

The trainer will then suggest appropriate tools and methods for your option.

Choose the course option you want

Week 3: I weave the storyline of my own training

You will now define the learning activities for your learners. This is to avoid the illusion of knowledge which is so common in online or blended learning courses.

This module has been completely revised, and we recommend that you script your training according to the principles of the ABC Learning Design method from the University of London College (UCL).

That method will help you design dynamic, engaging and collaborative training courses. Training that will turn your learners into agents of their own learning.

Week 4: I create my training materials using digital tools

In this 4th module, together we will explore the categories of tools that will allow you to create attractive, interactive and high quality training materials. You will choose those that are most suitable according to :

  • your tastes and temperament (you need to feel comfortable with these tools)
  • your educational objectives (you don’t use video or computer graphics for the same things)
  • your target audience (you don’t train a specialist similar to a neophyte)
  • the type of activities you want to set up (more individual or collaborative, more abstract or practical, etc.)

We will also look at where we can get free educational resources to save time while offering engaging content to our learners.

Here is an example of a downloadable resource the course offers: an infographic about the 5 Golden Rules to create a good pedagogical vidéo:

Week 5: putting my training online

This week, we’ll be talking about e-learning platforms (LMS), microlearning tools, hybridization and co-modality…

Together, we will explore how to sell your training. How to make it accessible to your learners.

At the end of these modules, you will have your own online course, ready to be sold or delivered to your learners.

Who is this Create Your Online Course for?

Create your online course is a training course for :

  • trainers
  • coaches
  • teachers
  • training managers
  • HR managers
  • and anyone who wants to create their own hybrid or distance learning course

Your trainer throughout the course

Marco Bertolini, formateur

Marco Bertolini created his first course in 1989. And his first hybrid course, in 2006… He was a mindmapping trainer for the ITyPA MOOC in 2015. All these experiences and exposure gave him the idea to create this unique training “Create your online course“: an accessible training that reconstructs your own skills as a trainer or teacher. And that accompanies you in the digitalization of your training projects.

Marco is also a training consultant and a certified education coach. He is associated with academic, school, and company projects, like the Catapult MOOC of La Sorbonne University in Paris.. Moreover, he is the co-founder of the MOOC Dys (open course on dyslexia, dyspraxia, etc.) and MOOC DIMPA (open course on innovative publishing technologies).

He is also the co-author of the first French book on microlearning.

500,00€ à 599,00€ For 5 weeks of online courses, virtual classrooms and 3 months of online coaching

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